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I'm Kathy Scavone, a writer and potter in Middletown, California. I grew up in Southern California, but I have lived in Northern California - Lake County, California for over 40 years. Our county is named after the largest freshwater lake in California; and  it is the oldest lake in North America. Clear Lake is known world wide as a fishing, boating and kayaking destination. The main industries in Lake County are tourism, agriculture, and the Geysers Geothermal Field which is the largest of its kind in the world, and produces electricity. We are known here in Lake County for our pears, walnuts and wine grapes. Lake County boasts  over 35 wineries now, with many award-winning brands. We have beautiful State Parks and recreational lands, with an abundance of wildlife - deer, fox, raccoon, tule elk, mountain lion,  black bear, and more!

I live to write and take photographs. I  have two Sunday columns in The Lake County News online newspaper;  ( lakeconews.com  ) The columns alternate, with  Lake County Time Capsule, a local history column, and The Living Landscape, all about the profuse beauty and wonder of the natural world.  I also write freelance articles, short stories, poetry, plays, and have written several books:

  • Anderson Marsh State Historic Park - A Walking History, Prehistory, Flora and Fauna Tour of a California State Park
  • People of the Water - A juvenile novella of the events leading to the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850
  • Native Americans of Lake County, California
  • Lake County Poetry

Besides writing, photography and pottery, my interests include family fun- my husband and I have four children and five grandchildren. I love reading, hiking and gardening. I enjoy traveling, and have visited Europe- Spain, and its Canary Islands, England, France, Belgium, Holland.  I lived in Scotland for 9 months, in a little village outside of Aberdeen, called Newmacher.  I was lucky enough to visit Japan twice with Middletown students as an educational exchange, to our sister city Naka-cho (Middletown), Japan during my 24 years of teaching. I have snorkeled in Tahiti's islands- Bora Bora, Rangerora, Huahine, Tahiti and Morea.

Another interest as a life-long learner is the science of archaeology. I enjoy educating myself about past cultures, and  have been involved in several archaeology digs with professional archaeologists, in Lake and Sonoma  Counties- Borax Lake, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, a BLM Patwin Indian site, and the Metini Village site at Ft. Ross State Historic Park-   and more!

Latest Articles...

Indian Nature Trail at Clear Lake State Park

Indian Nature Trail at Clear Lake State Park

KELSEYVILLE, Calif., Take a walk on the wild side at Clear Lake State Park's Indian Nature Trail. Clear Lake State Park is situated on the southwestern shores of our very famous, very old lake, Clear Lake, near Kelseyville. The Southeastern Pomo Indians, who lived in the Lower Lake and Cache Creek areas, were direct neighbors with the Eastern Pomo, who once Read more...

Salt in Pomo Indian history

Salt in Pomo Indian history

LAKE COUNTY, Calif., – Before pioneers began to inhabit and change the landscape of what is now Lake County, the various Indian nations such as the Pomo, Miwok, Wappo, Yuki and Patwin Indians would have looked upon great deciduous oak woodlands and ever-green pine forests. The viewer's eye would not have spied pastures, hay-fields, vineyards and Read more...


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