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Anderson Marsh State Historic Park

A Walking History, Prehistory, Flora, and Fauna Tour of a California State Park

Anderson Marsh is comprised of over 1,000 acres of wetlands, oak woodlands, and grasslands. It is located in Lake County, California, on Clear Lake. There are at least 30 Native American archaeological sites located here, some of which are over 10,000 years old. Along with its prehistoric past, Anderson Marsh has a rich history of European settlement - the Grigsby's in the 1850s and the Anderson's in the 1880s. This book outlines the making of the park, its history, and prehistory. Subsequent chapters weave rich details of the park, such as its flora, fauna, Pomo Indian lifeways, basketry, and mythology into a narrative which takes the reader along each of the four park trails.

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People of the Water

A juvenile novella of the events leading to the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850

This is a fictional account of the events leading up to the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850. Although geared for a younger audience, readers of all ages will take away something significant from this book. Like many Indians in California, the Pomo Indians of the Clear Lake Basin in California were run off of their tribal, ancestral lands, forced to work the ranches, gold mines or Missions, beaten and massacred. The brutality of the Bloody Island Massacre and similar atrocities to other tribes is a grievous legacy. The courage of the Pomo people lives on forever.
(103 Pages)

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Native Americans of Lake County, California

This booklet represents but a very few of the many stories of beautiful Lake County, California. The tribes included in these pages,  who thrived hundreds and thousands of years ago here,  include the Miwok, Pomo, Wappo, Patwin and Yuki Indians.

Also included is information on the Battle of Bloody Island, on Clear Lake, California and also a segment on Native Traditions.

(26 pages)

Lake County Poetry

The natural beauty of Lake County, California has inspired me to write these tributes!

(13 pages)

Sunset Sunrise: A Collection of Endings & Beginnings

From the beginning of a love affair to the end of a marriage, from the start of a journey to the end of the road, from the first signs of life to the very last breath, this anthology of stories by members of Redwood Writers shares tales of endings and beginnings, shining a light on the sunset or sunrise of a moment in fiction or memoir form. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” In this collection of short stories, discover the promises in each ending, and the hope in each beginning. Established in 1975, Redwood Writers is the largest of 23 branches of the California Writers Club, a nonprofit association founded in 1909. Early honorary CWC members include Jack London, George Sterling, John Muir, Joaquin Miller, and the first California Poet Laureate, Ina Coolbrith. Redwood Writers conducts monthly meetings and community events dedicated to “writers helping writers.” Meetings are open to the public. For more information, go to

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Beyond Distance

Redwood Writers’ poetry anthology for 2021, Beyond Distance, contains poems expressing the rich and varied aspects of life in Sonoma County. In this volume enhanced by our cover artist Christine MacDonald, you will find poems that deal with the full range of experiences we have all had during this unimaginable year. Poetry is the common factor in providing us and our readers with both insight and beauty as we chronicle our lives.

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Crow: In the Light of Day, In the Dark of Night

Redwood Writers is proud to present this beautiful volume, enhanced by our local artists, which expresses the heart and talent of our community. Redwood Writers Poetry Anthology depicts the rich and varied aspects of life in Sonoma county. In addition, it has a special section devoted to five poets who received the Sonoma County Award of Merit distinction. We believe this anthology is truly something to crow about.

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Crossroads: Redwood Writers 2022 Poetry Anthology

In this volume you will find the heart and talent of the poets of Redwood Writers. The intention of this collection is to present the many crossroads in the possibilities of being a fully alive human.

by Redwood Writers (Author), Les Bernstein (Editor), Fran Claggett-Holland

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